About Anthem

Anthem Entertainment is the entertainment branch of The Anthem Group, a collection of internationally recognized companies and projects in the experiential marketing, consulting, and event production industries. The Anthem Group boasts an impressive array of services for business clients and innovative events for the public.

Some of the most popular and impressive Anthem projects include The New England Dessert Showcase, Anthem International Music Festival (IMF), the company’s multi-year contract with the Charles River Esplanade Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks, and a successful portfolio of marketing, consulting, and private event campaigns.

The Anthem Group has a longstanding tradition of corporate responsibility and utilizing its resources to support worthwhile causes, which started with Anthem Entertainment’s relationship with the Children’s Trust Fund. Over the years, more non-profit partnerships have been established, including the IMF’s international collaboration with CHOSA and Anthem’s support of over 100 other NGO and charitable organizations.

Anthem Entertainment was the first of the Anthem companies, initially balancing both business and public programs. Within two years, Anthem Strategy and Anthem Production were created to separate marketing, consulting and business and private event services from public entertainment events and projects. Shortly thereafter, major projects began to take on a life of their own, including the International Music Festival and The Anthem Group Foundation. As the company’s success continued to develop, so did Anthem’s diversity. In 2008, the hospitality arm of The Anthem Group expanded to its own entity, followed by a specific in-house concentration on tradeshows, concerts, and other large scale events. Currently, The Anthem Group operates across a multitude of industries and has expanded to entities ranging from restaurant ownership to venture capital.

More than event patrons and clients have taken notice of Anthem’s abilities. National and international media outlets have featured Anthem, ranging from dozens of business journals, and major newspapers to trade publications like Agenda Magazine, and a feature article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Keeping its roots, The Anthem Group is still headquartered in Boston, MA, and the original branch, Anthem Entertainment, still specializes in sports, music, fashion, and food events. Anthem’s business services remain as personal and detail-oriented as they did the first year, when our founder and CEO, Chris Sinclair, personally organized each and every business event and marketing campaign.

Today, The Anthem Group has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings as a boutique, Boston-based events agency. The Anthem Group has amassed expansive business resources, projects on five continents, and a myriad of sister companies and projects that allow for unparalleled service for business clients, and pioneering and innovative events for the public.