2012 New England Dessert Showcase Coverage

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Passionate Foodie

Over the weekend, I ate dessert for breakfast. Cookies, whoopie pies, candy, chocolates, ice cream, brownies and much more. Why would I do that?

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Quick Serve Leader

The New England Dessert Showcase brought new and old faces to the baked goods exhibition at the Boston Sheraton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.

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Quirky Fusion

If you were to blindfold me and bring me into the New England Dessert Showcase in Boston, I’d immediately know that something was up.

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Beantown Bloggery

Dessert buyers and sweet-tooth’s alike will be in confectionary heaven as exhibitors from Konditor Meister, to Finale, to four star restaurants such as The Chart House sample their designer desserts, chocolates, ice cream and more at the 2012 New England Dessert Showcase.

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