2013 New England Dessert Showcase Coverage

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(NECN) – We’re heading into the weekend and we have plenty of fun activities for you.

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The Preppy Hostess

I finally made it to the New England Dessert Showcase in Boston. There is everything from whoopie pies to gelato to cupcakes to pie to candy! So far my favorite desserts are the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie from Boston Whoppie and the Chocolate Mousse Cake from Finale Desserts!

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Foodies At Work

For the second year in a row, Miss Niss was lucky to be invited to attend the New England Dessert Showcase. Last year, TFAW attended the event together and completely enjoyed our morning sugar high. This year, A-Tooch was unable to make the trek to Boston and so I attended with Michelle from The Economical Eater. Michelle and I met early Saturday morning to eat our way around the room.

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The Passionate Foodie

Last weekend, on Saturday morning, I journeyed to the Westin Boston Waterfront for what would be a nontraditional breakfast. Though you could find danish there, much of my breakfast consisted of sweeter treats, including whoopie pies, chocolate, ice cream, gelato, brownies, cupcakes, popcorn and much more. Dessert for breakfast? This was not the first time that I have done so, and there was a reason for my seeming gustatory madness.

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Forays of a Finance Foodie

Shortly after celebrating my wedding in September and my birthday early in October, I continued feeding my sugar high at the fifth annual New England Dessert Showcase at the Westin Waterfront Hotel. There were no shortage of ways for me to continue riding my recent delicious wave of dessert, as bakeries and restaurants from all over the region had their sweetest offerings on display for me taste and, in all honesty, shove in my sugar-loving face.

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