Live Chef Demos


The New England Dessert Showcase Just Got Sweeter!

As an exciting annual feature of The New England Dessert Showcase, The Anthem Group presents Chef’s Table – Live! Get up close to the pros with live demonstrations from some of the top pastry chefs, chocolatiers and professionals in the country. Learn the secrets the professionals use to create simple yet astounding confectionery creations!

Check back to see who will be featured in 2017!

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Here are the 2011 Demonstrators

Michael McCarthy, Founder of Budi Products, LLC

I’m Michael McCarthy and I created the BudiBar and the company Budi Products LLC in 2010 to meet my own need for a food bar that increased focus and attention and created steady crash free energy using just Superfoods and other natural ingredients. While studying Psychology and Mind/Body at Harvard I learned how foods can have the same positive impact as medicine without drastic side effects. I assembled natural, superfood ingredients that have high antioxidant levels, mind balancing Omega-3 fatty acids, mind focusing amino acids, and natural ingredients that time release energy without causing sugar spikes.

My primary goal was to make the bar taste like a gourmet treat. After 1 year of tinkering with the recipe in my apartment kitchen, I created the BudiBar and hopefully many focused fans along the way!

Nicole Coady, Former Executive Pastry Chef of Finale

Nicole Coady is the executive pastry chef at Finale, the country's first upscale dessert restaurant. She helped launch the Harvard Business School developed concept in July of 1998 in Boston's Back Bay. Chef Coady's was featured earlier this year on the Food Network's new show, Sugar Rush, for her show-stopping creations. The unique desserterie concept has been showcased in TIME Magazine, Bon Appetit, Town & Country, Elle, Vogue and Newsweek.

Chef Coady is a fan of familiar flavors and feels that taste and flavor are the most important elements to a good dessert. She focuses on balancing the elements that make a dessert sensational: taste and appearance. Additionally, she likes to "wow" the guests with grand presentation.

Prior to joining Finale, Coady worked at the Ritz-Carlton at Buckhead. While at the flagship property, she studied under Corporate Executive Pastry Chef Norman Love and Pastry Chef David Robbins.

Chef Coady is a graduate of the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. There, she garnered a dual degree in Baking & Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts in 1993.

Valerie Bono, Vice President of Golden Cannoli Shells Co.

Valerie Bono started her career at Golden Cannoli Shells Co., Inc. in 2001. Following graduation from business school at Providence College, Valerie worked in several other disciplines before specializing in the baking industry, which quickly became her passion. Valerie, along with her sister Maria Elena and her two cousins, Eric and Edwin Bresciani have set their imprint in the family business with extensive growth and success as the second generation of ownership and management.

Valerie focuses her attention on National Sales which has led to nationwide distribution coverage in the US and Canada. The family continues to oversee all areas of the business, especially with day to day operations. Quality control is extremely important in the baking industry and Golden Cannoli sets the standard for product quality, customer service and attention to detail. This attention has led them to obtain significant national accounts and continued growth throughout their 40 years of business from restaurants and bakeries to supermarket chains and club stores.

Golden Cannoli is consistently ranked and voted the Best Cannoli by local and national polls and won awards for "The Best of Taste of Boston Winner" two years in a row. Top bakers and chefs throughout the industry use Golden Cannoli noting the authentic taste and texture that is unlike any other.

Sandy Russo, Founder & Owner of Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe

Lulu's Sweet Shoppe is one of the premiere stops on the Faneuil Hall/North End Boston Chocolate Tours. Sandy Russo, founder and owner of Lulu's Sweet Shoppe, in Boston's north end, offers a delicious array of chocolates, cookies and candy and is especially known for her impressive variety of specialty cupcakes. Her love for baking and creating yummy delicacies began early in her childhood. Her mother, Rose, was known throughout their neighborhood for her delicious cakes, puddings and pies, and for her cupcakes. Many of her fondest memories are that of measuring, sifting, mixing, and tasting, alongside her mother.

After high school, Sandy went on to culinary school and then worked in a number of hotels and restaurants. She also served as an executive chef for several years.

Lulu's Sweet Shoppe is her passion and her profession. It stems from her long, abiding desire to return to her roots, and recapture the love, the art, the purity of the ingredients and deliciousness of authentic homemade baking done the old-fashioned way, just like her mom used to do it.

Jaclyn Greenman, Founder & First Baker of Minnie’s Mandelbrot

Food, family and history have always been Jaclyn Greenman's passions. From cooking Sunday night family dinners from Julia Childs' cookbooks at age 10 to earning an MBA in Restaurant management and managing some of the top restaurants in Providence, Rhode Island, Jaclyn has been focused on enhancing people's experience with food. From the other side of Jaclyn's brain, she has a BA from Trinity College in Hartford, an MBA from Johnson and Wales, a Masters in Education from Northeastern University in Boston, and teaches high school history.

Minnie's Mandelbrot represents the melding of food, family and history. Jaclyn always loved her great-grandmother's Mandelbrot (an Eastern-European biscotti that is softer than its Italian cousin), that had been preserve by the family and passed down from Eastern Europe through four generations. Her uncle started making the Mandelbrot cookies at Thanksgiving, which the family tended to devour before dinner. Jaclyn decided that this irresistible treat shouldn't be restricted to the immediate family. So, a few years ago, Jaclyn decided to commercialize Minnie's family recipe. The idea was put on 'pause' while Jaclyn started her teaching career, but came to fruition this year as Jaclyn launched "Minnie's Mandelbrot"—food family and history rolled into one delicious treat!!!

Currently, Minnie's Mandelbrot, with operations based out of the Crop Circle Community Kitchen, is available at SoWa Open Markets, the Marlboro Mart, Shubie's Marketplace and City Feed and Supply of Jamaica Plain. She is currently speaking with other retailers and developing a cookbook of her own. Stay tuned.

Nina Hayes of Sugar Me Cookies

All Vegan ♥ All Love

Sugar Me Cookie Dough is passionate about divinely delicious gourmet vegan cookie dough. We specialize in home-style chocolate chip dough, selecting the highest quality ingredients, meticulously combining them, and leaving the fun part, the baking, for you. The most scrumptious available and unlike “traditional” varieties can be used raw as a decadent topper for non-dairy ice cream.

Nina Hayes is a vegan cook and educator with a Bachelors of Science in Health Science. Nina inspires others to develop awareness around their dietary choices by tapping into one’s inner chef and learning about food in a light-hearted manner. Combining her lifelong zeal for baking and her dedication to providing food options that are healthier for both the individual and the planet, Nina founded Sugar Me Cookie Dough™. Always a fan of collaboration, Nina recently teamed up with famed Wheeler’s Frozen Dessert Company to provide desserts backstage for artists Mos Def and Talib Kweli for their sold-out House of Blues performance. When not sifting, mixing, and whisking, Nina can be found practicing and teaching yoga throughout Boston.

Tonya Johnson, President & Founder of Vision’s Sown, An Ancient Baking Co., Inc.

Tonya Claire Johnson is the President & Founder of Vision's Sown, An Ancient Baking Company of Boston. For nearly 10 years, Tonya has lead an innovative, health-focused, specialty baking enterprise that relies on medical, nutritional, and digestive health research, paired with the wisdom of ancient cultures, heirloom grains, and medicinal plants to produce nutrient rich bakery products using a wide variety of centuries old, plant-based ingredients. As an enlightened ancient baker, she and her ancient baking team are committed to creating bakery products that are re-imagined with antioxidant rich flavors, health supporting whole grains, and nutraceuticals that deliver a delicious, nutritious, and indulgent snacking experience. Come to the afternoon demonstration to learn more about the plant-based ingredients found in her ancient kitchen and to sample these wonderful products! You will simply be amazed!